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For over 33 years, as a real estate brokerage in Chicago, we have helped 1000s of customers buy and sell homes. In order to sell a listed home quickly and for the most profit, staging is a critical aspect of the equation. In the past, staging meant moving furniture in to the vacant home in order to create a strong visual presentation. Today, as many potential home buyers elect to browse homes from their tablets or smartphones, digital marketing of the listed property is critical to locking down a sale.

The average for gaining an impression on a real estate photo is three second. If the potential buyer does not see something that catches their eye in that first three seconds, they will usually move to the next listing. In order to make your listing stand out, your pictures need to be something special. At Virtual Staging Media we can take your existing photos of the home and enhance them to be beautiful and eye catching. The whole point is to keep the buyer interested through the whole photo album and create images they will not be able to get out of their heads.

Many times, a home is still occupied when the listing is published. Virtual staging can remove all indications that the home is still being lived in. We can change decor, carpet color, add or remove furniture and even perform a virtual renovation. We can add backgrounds that will highlight the beauty of the homs, virtually landscape the yard and even have one of our professional writers craft a listing, just for your home. When you choose Virtual Staging House you are guaranteeing a gorgeous presentation of the home for sale please follow the links below to get started and sell your listing today!


We take pride on delivering your virtual home staging images in an unbelievable amount of time. We can deliver up to 10 images within 24 hours. Anything over 10 images, delivered in just 48 hours!


All images are delivered in high resolution.


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We have an entire team to help you finish your project on time!

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